Harold Harvey | A Resource of paintings by Harold Charles Francis Harvey - 20th century British painter
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A resource list of paintings by 20th Century British painter
Harold Charles Francis Harvey
Compiled by Peter Risdon

The purpose of this websiteharold harvey painting
The paintings of Harold Harvey have become increasingly recognised in recent years for their painterly quality. His depictions of his native Newlyn landscape and its people and activities in agriculture and fishing present an unusually concentrated view of his time and place, carried out in a style which combines the English narrative tradition with an artist’s sense of colour and composition. His works are immensely appealing.

This site aims to help owners, dealers, gallery curators, potential buyers and art history scholars to identify Harvey’s paintings and his various treatments of different subjects. The site has been developed from material published in 2001 (see Further Reading, below) and brings the list of paintings up to date, and offers it to a wider audience.

What you can find here
This site describes about 700 of Harvey’s paintings, arranged in two sequences –
(1) by order of their date where this is known, listed in annual groups;
(2) by alphabetic order of title where the date is not known.

If you know the date or period of the painting you are looking for, simply go to the appropriate section.

Harold Harvey painting
What the descriptions provide
Each description gives some or all of the following information -
Title (as given in a published source)
Medium, eg oil on canvas (o/c) oil on panel or board (o/p, o/b) oil on canvas board (o/cb), watercolour (w/c)
Dimensions in inches (height x width)
Date (as observed or recorded)
Description of the image
Quotations from press reviews
Details of exhibitions where the work was shown
Alternative titles where known or suspected
The location of the work if it is in a public collection. Privately owned locations are not given.
The abbreviations are explained below on this page .
{There are no illustrations provided except for headings.}

harold harvey bookFurther reading
A full account of Harvey’s life can be found in the only monograph published about him, ‘Harold Harvey, Painter of Cornwall’, by Kenneth McConkey, Peter Risdon and Pauline Sheppard, published in 2001 by Sansom & Co Ltd, 81g Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3EA. ISBN 1 900178 53 2. The book contains well over 100 illustrations, mostly in colour.
To buy the book at buy book at amazon click here

Other books about Newlyn artists and British impressionism in general are listed in the Abbreviations list below.

Abbreviations used in this list:
BAL                 Bridgeman Art Library
Benezit             Dictionnaire critique et documentaire des peintres, sculpteurs, dessinateurs et graveurs, edited by Benezit; published by Librarie Grand, Paris 1976
Berriman          Crysede : the unique textile designs of Alec Walker, by Hazel Berriman; pub. The Royal Institution of Cornwall 1993
BGL                 Belgrave Gallery, London
BH                   Barbizon House, London
BITPI               British Impressions : The progress of Impressionism 1880-1940, by David Messum Gallery; pub. The Studio, London (1995?)
BhL                  Bonham’s London
BL, BR            Bottom left, Bottom right
B&W               Bearnes & Waycotts, Torquay
CIP                  Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh
CL                   Christies London
Cross              Shining Sands by Tom Cross; pub. Westcountry Books 1994
CSK                Christies South Kensington
DMG               David Messum Gallery, London
Dtd                  dated
FAGH              Ferens Art Gallery, Hull
FAS                 Fine Art Society, London
Fox                  Stanhope Forbes and the Newlyn School, by Caroline Fox; pub. David & Charles 1993
F&R                Frost & Reed, Bristol
Hardie           Artists in Newlyn and West Cornwall 1880-1940, edited by M Hardie
Indis                indistinctly
Inscr                inscribed
ISSPG             International Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers
Lane P            W H Lane, Penzance (auctioneers)
Lay P              David Lay, Penzance (auctioneers)
LG                   Leicester Galleries, London
LWG               Louise Whitford Gallery, London
MAGN            Museum and Art Gallery, Newport, Gwent
McConkey      Edwardian Portraits by Kenneth McConkey; pub. Antique Collectors Club 1988
MG                  Mendoza Gallery, London
NACF             National Art Collections Fund
ni                      not illustrated
PAEEG            Palace of Arts, Empire Exhibition, Glasgow
PCF                 Public Catalogue Foundation
PCF C&SI       Public Catalogue Foundation : Cornwall & The Scilly Isles
PEAG              Passmore Edwards Art Gallery, Newlyn
PHGM             Penlee House Gallery & Museum, Penzance
PIN                  Painting in Newlyn 1880-1930 by C Fox and F Greenacre; pub. Barbican Art Gallery, London 1985
PL                    Phillips London
Prov                 Provenance
Pub.                 Publication
QHP                Queen’s Hotel, Penzance
RA                   Royal Academy, London
RAI                  Royal Academy Illustrated (annual publication by the Royal Academy, London)
RBSA              Royal Birmingham Society of Art
RCA                Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy
RGG                Richard Green Gallery, London
RGI                  Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art
RHA                Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin
RSA                 Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
Sgd                  Signed
S Chester       Sotheby’s Chester
SL                    Sotheby’s London
SOP                 Society of Oil Painters, London
SWS                Sotheby’s West Sussex
TL, TR            Top left, Top right
WAGB            Williamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead
WAGL             Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
WGL               Whitechapel Gallery, London
W&H               Whitford & Hughes, London
WL                  Witt Library, London (has an illustration of the work)
WMN              Western Morning News, Plymouth
Wortley           British Impressionism : a garden of bright images, by Laura Wortley; pub. The Studio 1988

To download this list of abbreviations - click here. download word document version of this list